+ CrossFit DSSC

CrossFit DSSC is our adult CrossFit program, designed for all ages (18+) and abilities. Each session is 60 minutes and led by an experienced coach to make sure the hour is an appropriate stimulus for you. If you are new to CrossFit or need a refresher, you will want to start with our Fundamentals program.

+ Fundamentals (Month One)

Our Fundamentals program is 4 weeks in duration and designed to set you up for long term success. You begin with a series of 6 private, 1-on-1 sessions that prepare you to excel in the group setting. We will cover everything from proper movement patterns, recovery, nutrition, a BODPOD body composition analysis, and an overview of how we generally operate. After the 6 1-on-1 sessions, the remainder of the 4 weeks will be with the group.

+ DSSC Weightlifting

This training session focuses on the sport of weightlifting: performing the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. The focus will be on the technical mastery of these two lifts as well as the accessory and derivatives of each. DSSC Weightlifting is a USAW affiliated club.

+ DSSC Nutrition Coaching

DSSC offers nutrition coaching in both a group and individual setting. The group nutrition model is bimonthly and topics are both educational and practical. Learning the basics of nutrition, the hows and whys of making informed decisions. Also practical topics such as planniong, preparing, shopping and cooking. The individual nutrition coaching option is just that, individual. No templates, no one approach. Take where you've been, where you want to go and create a path of education and accountability to get there. This includes a weekly check in and quarterly BOD POD analysis.

+ CrossFit Kids

"CrossFit Kids emphasizes good movement throughout childhood and adolescence. Consistently good mechanics translates to physical literacy, enhanced sports performance and fewer sports injuries for kids. Not only that, a vast body of research indicates that exercise is beneficial to cognitive function, which means consistent adherence to the program can have a positive impact on children’s academic achievement." (

Our youth programs have a general age range; in actuality it will depend on the maturity and ability of the child to follow directions.

CrossFit Monsters: This is a 30 minute class tailored for children ages five to eight. It pairs fitness with fun, focusing on the fun!

CrossFit Kids: This 45 minute class is designed for children ages nine to twelve. This incorporates a little more skill and coordination than the CrossFit Monsters, but still focuses on making fitness fun.

CrossFit Teens: This one hour class targets 13-17 year olds. It is a great way for teens to learn a safe way to move and workout, and provide an alternative to their phones.

+ Baby Mamas

This one hour class is designed for women during the motherhood transition. It includes prenatal and postpartum training and is taught by a certified BIRTHFIT Coach. A prenatal and postpartum athlete requires a higher level of attention, programming, intuition and support from her coach. A BIRTHFIT Coach understands functional movement as it pertains to pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum.

Prenatal: The best way to prepare for birth is to train for it. If you are pregnant or looking to become pregnant, this class prepares you for the motherhood transition physically, mentally, and emotionally, no matter what your current fitness level.

Postpartum: Each birth is unique, so training after a baby can be a challenge physically, mentally and emotionally. This program progresses you physically with a tribe of women to support you mentally and emotionally.

+ Personal Training

Personal Training is offered in both 30 and 60 minute sessions. The scope of the training is based on goals and needs of the client: fitness, nutrition, recovery strategies, mindset, accountability etc. We also offer membership options that will offer personal training along with unlimited access to all our small group training.

+ Sports Performance

This program is designed for High School Athletes wishing to increase on field/court performance. The priority is placed on movement quality and quality mechanics, with the goals of improving the athlete's strength, speed, and overall athleticism. This class is limited to 12 athletes and offered three times a week for one hour. Preregistration is required.

We also train youth sports teams in the gym or on the field, in or out of season. The scope of the training depends on a variety of factors, but we are here to get your team ready. Contact us for details.

+ Corporate Wellness

A fitness program that focuses on exercise and nutrition is beneficial for both the employee and employer. We can provide training at our location or yours, short term challenges or long terms lifestyle changes. If you would like to see if we are right for you and your company, contact us.