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The #800gChallenge was designed by OptimizeMe Nutrition. Eat 800 grams (g) or fruits and/or vegetables, by weight, per day.

No foods are eliminated, but only fruits and veggies count toward the 800g. Eat the fruits and veggies or your choice. Hit the macros you want.

Raw, cooked, canned, frozen; doesn’t matter!  If you can weigh it as a standalone and unprocessed fruit or vegetable, you can count it. Yep, that’s it!

Why 800g? It’s associated with increased health and is a simplified way to hit those recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. Read more here. There are some pictures that show what 800g look like in different carbohydrate loads.


4 Feb-3 Mar: 4 Weeks. Starts on Monday the 4th, ends on Sunday the 3rd.
The last day to sign up will be Jan 31st. If you sign up by Sunday 27 Jan, we’ll provide you with a food scale.
*Body Composition Testing Dates (Need to fast 4+hours prior and not after exercise)
PreCompetition: Thursday, Jan 31, 7:00-9:00 AM & Saturday, Feb 2, 8:00-9:30 AM
Post Competition: Monday, 4 Mar, before Workouts (fast 4+hours prior).
* You don’t have to use the Bod Pod if you don’t want to.


You can sign up here:


We will host a meeting at the gym to go over all the challenge rules and answer your questions. Be there!

  • Saturday, Jan 26th @ 1:15PM


Cost is $55. This will include a pre and post body composition analysis via the BOD POD. It will also include a food scale if you sign up by Sunday, Jan 27th.


You will use your app to enter your points each day. There is a tab for challenges where everything will populate. There are 250 total points up for grabs upon completion of the challenge. Top 3 totals win prizes.

You'll receive points each day or week based on the following:
(3 points) Eating: 800g of Fruit and Vegetables / Day
(1 Point) Eating Diversity: Consume 800g from at least 6 different sources.
(2 Points) Workout: at DSSC (2 points max per day/ 10 point Max /week).
(2 Point) Getting Social: Social Media Post tagging DSSC and the #800g Challenge (4 points Max/Week).
(10 Points) Accumulate 1500 Calories on the AirBike, AirRunner, Ski Erg or Rower. Can be inside or outside of the gym.* Must be on a device that calculates calories the same as ours.
(10 Points) Accumulate 1500 Squats. Any style count. Can be inside or outside the gym.
(12 Points) A positive change in body composition. **Defined as either an increase in lean body mass/ decrease in fat mass or both.
**There are situations where losing body fat might not be a positive change (we’ll handle that on an individual basis)


We will award prizes to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place based on the scoring above. The prize pool will be valued at $500.
1st: $250
2nd: $150
3rd: $100

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Later Event: February 16